Stretch Wrap, the Smart Way to Ship

A multitude of packaging supplies can be used to transport materials across the country, however one reigns supreme when used in bulk shipping. This packaging supply is stretch wrap, which is commonly used to transport a wide variety of products. Often used to transport multiple products at the same time, stretch wrapping offers a safe, economic solution to many companies shipping problems. The five most commonly stretch wrapped products are boxes, bottles and cans, barrels, wood, and furniture.

The most commonly stretch wrapped product are groups of boxes. Typically stretch wrapped and placed on top of a pallet, boxes can carry nearly anything a company desires. A commonly used stretch wrap is made of a high-performance resin. This high-performance resin allows companies to wrap boxes in a thinner stretch wrap, allowing more room for transportation. A pre-stretched film is often used, as it is easy to wrap boxes in and requires very little stretching to apply.

Another commonly stret…